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Blockchain Infrastructure for Decentralised Internet

A product by

The New Blockchain Infrastructure

Next Generation

Enabling Decentralise Internet

Flexible & Horizontally Scalable Protocols

Powerful LLVM based Auxledger Virtual Machine

Multi-tiered Networks Capability

Hybrid Blockchain Network capability

Privacy Preserving Smart Contracts

Interoperability & Cross-chain asset transfer

Enterprise Public Network: AuxNet

Hybrid Tendermint POS Consensus

Sustainable & self regulating economy

The New Generation Blockchain for Decentralised Internet

Market Implementation


NITI Aayog, Policy think tank for the Government of India is working with Auxesis to build a value chain of Indian economy over Auxledger network.
Auxledger vision is to build nation-wide frameworks for university certificate program and land registry system with the help of NITI Aayog, setting standard for different states to follow the technology and approved framework.

HPE, the IT industry giant with full market capture of Enterprise servers is working closely to integrate Auxledger into their Mission Critical Servers NonStop OS.
Coupling of Auxledger infrastructure with HPE’s server will ensure the smooth adoption of Blockchain into enterprises as their servers would have already equipped with the Blockchain capability, waiting to be just powered ON!

IBM, over 100 years multinational IT giant working closely on different offerings of Auxledger including new use case development.
We are working with IBM Cloud to list the upcoming Auxledger version as one of the core offerings of IBM Cloud making it easier for developers to deploy an Auxledger based Blockchain network. We are also working with IBM Strategy team to build. Various use cases such as Vendor Invoice Discounting and reaching out to IBM’s enterprise customers together with new offerings.

Testnet Explorer is Live

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Numer of Nodes


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Number of Users

53 Million +

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Information on the sale

$ 5 M

Soft Cap

$ 20 M

Hard Cap

$ 0.50

Token Price

$ 50

Minimum Requirement

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Token Supply:

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Token Lockings:

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KYC Verification:

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Auxesis Group was founded to build enterprise Blockchain solutions

November 2014

Financial product suite - Auxy, AuxCE and AuxPay was launched

January 2016

As Top 100 Blockchain Company Auxledger project started

April 2017

Auxledger live with 53M+ population & partnered with HPE, KPMG and IBM

Deceber 2017

Crowdsale announcement to build next generation Blockchain Infrastructure

August 2017

The Team

Kumar Gaurav


CEO of Cashaa and listed among the Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain People in world.

Akash Gaurav

Chief Executive Officer

CEO of Auxesis Group & Founder of Blockchain Lab, India. Akash is in Blockchain infrastructure industry for over 3 years now involved in some of the most exciting business.

Sudhir Chaudhary

Chief Technology Officer

An experienced techie & Blockchain entrepreneur from Enterprise technology background. Worked into integration domain with HSBC, Infosys and Emirates NBD.

Wolfgang Strasser

Chief Strategy Officer

Technology entrepreneur, executive and advisor. Ph.D. in mathematical foundations of AI. Often introducing new paradigms & building new platforms.

Nausherwan Shah

Chief Product Officer

Founder of Scanta and education background from MIT and IITD, a remarkable innovator of creative concepts in the challenging world of Blockchain and Augmented Reality.

Sunny Kumar

VP - Operations

An entrepreneur, political strategist and Blockchain evangelist. Previously founded lawyers lookout and Skillerr.

Anjali Kashyap

VP - Innovation

Business strategist with hands on expertise with enterprise technology for banking and financial services.

Bernard Liatear

Blockchain Advisor

Known as the architect of Euro. A civil engineer, author, economist and a professor.

Dinesh Prasad

Strategic Advisor

Head of Devices, Qualcomm Indian & South Asia with over 20 years of experience in Sales & BD.

Alex Norta

Technology Advisor

A research member at the faculty of informatics and was earlier research member at OUSPG.


Auxledger is the Third Generation Blockchain Infrastructure - A blockchain generation empowered with hybrid networks where businesses would be able to enjoy the scalability, security and privacy of a private blockchain while maintaining the ability to prove data integrity and maintain overall consensus through cross-chains.
With Auxledger, networks can be deployed on a multi-tier basis, where the thousands and millions of blockchain networks are able to communicate swiftly. A network supported by improved virtual machine able to process transaction and information in a more reliable environment. Auxledger is being created as an infrastructure supporting these third-generation features that require blockchain technology to move in mainstream adoption.
While businesses have been adopting concepts of private networks to ensure scalability, privacy and low operation costs, they have started losing some of the inherited core values provided by a public blockchain network. These private blockchain networks also started acting similar to “small islands located in the middle of a sea”, with no economic and information transfer being possible in a trust-less environment. Given the key attributes of Auxledger i.e. scalability, interoperability and high performance it resolves the issues faced by the previous 2 generations namely Bitcoin and Ethereum. Hence we claim Auxledger to be the “Internet of Blockchain” or “3rd Generation blockchain.”
Auxledger ecosystem aims to enable enterprise blockchain solutions where data privacy is of utmost importance. Here we are proposing a tested framework enhanced upon the usability of Auxledger ecosystem.
Auxledger privacy component rides upon a combination of 2 models –
(i) Enigma based decentralized computation platform, and
(ii) Hawk model for privacy preserving smart contracts.
There are three types of nodes:
(i) Stakers: These are the nodes which hold AuxChips (the administrative token of Auxnet) and stake it towards the network, returning the stakers with the ability to mine new blocks and thus collect AuxGas as mining rewards.
(ii) Validators: All participants in the Auxnet public network are considered as validators; this set also includes all those nodes which don’t hold any AuxChips, but participate in the network as a developer or approver node, and thus helping in bringing overall security to the network.
(iii) Candidates: A candidate is the node in the Auxnet network which is initiating a transaction. This candidate node can either be a stand-alone node broadcasting transaction, or it can be a participating node which is also active in a tiered network.
Off-chain route of communication is used for non-essential information interchange. The main importance of off-chain communication is that it increases the transaction speed and reduces the transaction cost by a huge margin.
Interchain communication is the interchange of information whereas interchain transaction interchanges some value asset.
AuxChips are the utility token which gives administrative access into the Auxnet and the ability to create tiered networks. It gives us the ability to participate in block formation, deploying a new tiered network and also the voting rights when making an important decision on network governance.
AuxGas is fuel in Auxnet ecosystem which incentivizes network to participate in any consensus process, make computation, allow storage and thus securing the integrity of network. New AuxGas can further be mined by AuxChips holder while participating in a hybrid proof of stake consensus model.