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What is Auxledger?

Microservices Oriented Design Architecture

Auxledger technology architecture has been designed with the micro-services principles in mind. Protocols available in the form of microservices allows creation of customised public or private Blockchain networks while publishers has the ability to choose consensus mechanism, governance, issuance and participation in network. Team at Auxledger also believes that most of these protocols are yet to be designed and will happen faster with the wider adoption of technology in enterprises. Keeping same in mind, we have allowed horizontal scalability in the platform ensuring community can build and deploy new protocols in the Auxledger ecosystem.

AuxViom - LLVM Improved Virtual Machine

Auxviom is a variant of LLVM specialized to execute smart contracts on the blockchain. Its design, definition and implementation has been done at the highest mathematical standards, following a semantics-first approach with verification of smart contracts as a major objective. Specifically, we have defined the formal syntax and semantics of Auxviom using the K framework, which in return gives us an executable reference model in addition to a series of program analysis tools, including a program verifier. Unlike Ethereum Virtual Machine, which is a stackbased machine, Auxviom is proposed to be designed as a register-based machine, like LLVM. It has an unbounded number of registers and also supports unbounded integers.

Multi-tiered Blockchain Networks

Auxledger introduces the concept of multi-tier blockchain architecture design, where multiple networks are able to be deployed upon a single network and further maintaining full network consensus and data integrity of all networks are maintained at any tier. Tiering of networks allow different chains to remain in-sync while ensuring restriction of no private information from one chain is flowing to another chain. AuxAlpha- the enterprise public network is the genesis implementation of Auxledger infrastructure acting as a source of truth for all networks that will be tiering on top of it.

AuxAlpha- Enterprise Public Network

AuxAlpha is the genesis implementation of Auxledger infrastructure and thus acts as zeroth tier blockchain implementation. It is an open blockchain network, built with enterprise grade security, privacy and scalability. AuxAlpha is built to perform the role of the “heart” in the Auxledger ecosystem, capable to fulfil the requirements that have been listed in the multi-tier blockchain network architecture. As a public blockchain network, AuxAlpha, is built with the design goals of

  • Act as an infrastructure to build powerful DApps interacting with multiple networks and services.
  • Powering organizations to deploy a hybrid blockchain network on top of AuxAlpha.
  • Providing a sustainable network through robust and sustainable economic incentivization.
  • Acting as a source of consensus for all networks deployed in the ecosystem and regulating them.

Hybrid Tendermint POS Consensus

AuxAlphapublic network utilises a hybrid tendermint based consensus protocol. Nodes holding AuxChips participate in the consensus process governed by an enhanced mechanism, The consensus is first achieved in form of small groups represented by the master node. Further, these master nodes follow a consensus process among themselves to decide a node which will get the chance to propose a new block. The probability of a node to be chosen to propose a block depends upon the amount of AuxChips hold by a particular node. Further, the rating system incorporated in the network regulates the probability of a node to propose the next block.

Self-Regulating Economy Model

Auxledger ecosystem utilises 2 token based methodology to regulate the token economy better and more effectively. AuxChips, the administrative token in Auxledger ecosystem is fixed in supply and created in a 1-time process. AuxChips allows holders to participate in AuxAlpha consensus and mine AuxGas, deploy public/private chain on top of AuxAlpha and allows network governance related voting rights. AuxGas, on the other hand is fuel of AuxAlpha , which gets utilised for doing computation/ storage, simple or interchain transactions, contract updates etc. AuxAlpha is to be deployed with 300 Million AuxGas created in advance and distributed in proportion to the AuxChips holders. Further AuxGas can be mined by participating in the AuxAlpha consensus process. Auxledger introduces a selfregulating economy algorithm where network adjusts the block mining reward depending upon the networks real requirement

Hybrid Blockchain Network Capability

Auxledger unique ability to tier an organisation’s private Blockchain network to the public Blockchain network, AuxAlpha . This ensures that newly deployed network enjoys the best ability of a private network with high performance and data protection while Merkle proof sent to the public network keeps the network’s data trust free across the Auxledger ecosystem.

Privacy Preserving Smart Contracts

Auxledger ecosystem aims to enable enterprise blockchain solutions where data privacy is of utmost importance. Here we are proposing a tested framework enhanced upon the usability of Auxledger ecosystem. Using Enigma’s secure multiparty computation (sMPC or MPC), data queries are computed in a distributed way, without a trusted third party. Data is split between different nodes and they compute functions together without leaking information to other nodes. The onchain privacy and contractual security is based upon Hawk model. On-chain privacy stipulates that transactional privacy can be provided against the public unless the contractual parties themselves voluntarily disclose information.

Interoperability & Cross-chain Assets Swap

Interoperability in Auxledger ecosystem is defined as a trust-less method to exchange native assets of different subnets. This transaction can also be followed and resulted into execution of a smart contract in their specific networks, resulting the change of other states data. This function allows any connected blockchain networks to exchange assets, contracts and permissions. Further, team at Auxledger is also building bridges to communicate Auxledger based networks to other public Blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Ripple and Neo.