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Technical Introduction Paper Economy Overview Paper Executive Product Summary


Blockchain Infrastructure Orion Phase

Fault Tolerant Virtual Machine

Network synchronization and data portability

Plug-in based architecture module

Ethereum Virtual Machine compatibility

Integrated asset management system

Easy private Blockchain network deployment

Completion Date October, 2017
April 2017
Auxesis Group, one of The Global Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain Company, started Auxledger project to build an enterprise ready Blockchain infrastructure.
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September 2017
Auxesis Group launched Blockchain Lab, India to help promote innovations in DLT.
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October 2017
Auxledger v1.0 Orion was launched as first enterprise ready Blockchain infrastructure.
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December 2017
53 Million+ people onboarded on Auxledger with the help of partner Indian state governments.
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March 2018
Auxledger Infrastructure receives mainstream adoption among Governments and Fortune 500 Companies.

Enterprise Infrastructure Almagest Phase

20+ deployments completed & reviewed

Identifying enterprise adoption gap

Built Enterprise Infrastructure Proposal

Reviewal with leader enterprises

Technical Introduction Paper Release

Strategising development goals

Completion Date July, 2018
April 2018
Team proposed require capabalities of next generation Blockchain infrastructure by analysing their deployments in enterprises.
June 2018
Launched technical introduction paper for Auxledger v2.0, enabling it with the next generation capabality.
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August 2018
Announcement of token sale with specifications of token economics released. Also announced partnerships with KPMG and Blackberry.
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January 2019
Aux-alpha, Auxledger public network integration and final testing started.
February 2019
Launch of Auxledger public network at India's largest Blockchain summit
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Draco Phase

Enterprise public network launch

Hybrid Tendermint DPOS Consensus

Multi token economy governance

Interoperability with Binance Chain

Privacy Preserving Smart Contracts

Completion Date January, 2020
March 2019
Pre IEO Token Sale for XAL Started
May 2019
Product team started integration of modules and writing the proposed protocols by enhancing LLVM Engine, Cardano's architecture mode, Cosmos Tendermint protocol among many others.
July 2019
Precised engineering while testing with partner companies, organisations and governments. Launch of next generation Blockchain's testnet and starting bug bounty program.
October 2019
Auxledger - Draco alpha integration testing starts, network compatibility and architecture fit testing with partner companies, governments and organisations.
November 2019
Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) to be started. XAL distribution to all Pre IEO buyers once IEO is completed.
January 2020
AuxChips being utilised as a part of Aux-alpha main network. Distribution of AuxGas in equivalent amount.
Q1 2020
Over 20 enterprise DApps launched over Auxledger infrastructure.

Cetus Phase

Auxledger Virtual Machine implementing higher degree of fault tolerance

CLI enabled SDK and API’s for networks tiering

Microservices oriented Blockchain protocol pool base

Horizontally scalable architecture for new protocol development

Enabling community contribution protocol repository

Completion Date Q3, 2020
Q2 2020
Partnership and integration completed with more enterprise server providers and cloud providers to integrate Auxledger offerings.
Q2 2020
Cetus testnet launch, compatibility testing with Draco and bug bounty program started.
Q3 2020
Cetus main-net launch.
Q4 2020
Deployment of over 200 tiered Blockchain networks on Auxledger infrastructure including networks for Fortune 500 Companies.

Hydra Phase

Full scale AVM supporting multi language scripting & defensive contract techniques

Decentralize tiered network consensus protocol

Interoperability across networks and interchain transactions

Bridge consensus to interface with heterogeneous networks

GUI enabled SDK for networks & protocol customization

Completion Date Q2, 2021
Q1 2021
Hydra code base integration started with Cetus virtual machine implementation.
Q1 2021
Test-net launch for Hydra phase, compatibility & integration testing, bug bounty program launch.
Q2 2021
Hydra main-net launch enabling full degree of customisability & interconnectivity across multiple networks.
Q2 2021
Program reviewal, portability & bridging with other major networks.