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Public Network

Blockchain For India

AuxAlpha, the Auxledger Public Network was launched at inauguration ceremony of country's largest, Blockchain Summit India 2019. The summit was inaugurated with welcome speech by Shri Suresh Prabhu (Hon. Minister of Commerce & Industry), Mr. Nitin Seth (CEO, Incedo Inc. & Ex-COO Flipkart), Mr. Sanjay Kumar (Chief General Manager, HPCL), Prof. Akbar Ansari (MD, IIM Lucknow Enterprise Center) and Mr. Kumar Gaurav (Chairman, Auxesis Group).

$10 Tr.

World’s 3rd largest economy, followed by US & China, India crossed over US$ 10 Trillion GDP (PPP) in 2018

1.3 Bn.

World’s largest democracy and maximum stability, among very few countries where wealth gap is minimizing


Ranks 3rd globally with 7.4% Real GDP Growth Rate; expecting to take over US economy by 2030

Blockchain For India has been designed with a complete focus on Enterprise and Government usability while ensuring the network complies with Indian IT, privacy and data regulations. AuxAlpha enables a truly democratic, fully transparent and sustainable growth for the country.

Data Privacy

Equipped with private transaction and privacy preserving smart contracts capability, the network ensures full confidentiality even while data remains trust-free for all participants.

The capability ensures easy adoption by enterprises who have not been able to leverage public chain functionalities due to business privacy and regulation hinderances.

Your server bills doesn’t vary with
Amazon’s Stock Price…

Then why should your DApp bill vary with
Volatile Price?

Introducing 2-Token System with AuxALPHA

Ideal for

Consortium & Hybrid Network Owners

Securing Network Miners & Validators

Institutional Investors & Traders

Features & Functions

  • Participate in block formation process as stakers node
  • Mining & controlling AuxGas circulation inside network
  • Start a new consortium and trust-free hybrid networks
  • Administrative access for network governance
Ideal for

Corporates, Enterprises & Governments

Developers building public & private DApps

Network Users transacting inside ecosystem

Features & Functions

  • Cost for computation and contract execution inside or across networks
  • Network fuel for storing data and using shared network space
  • Transaction fuel for enabling native assets (AuxChips & AuxGas) transactions
  • Fee for node/address/assets-based permission or ownership transfer

Technological Advancements

High Performance

Sending information and processing transactions in real time, meeting today’s speed requirements.


Enabling private/public Blockchain network with custom control to adapt different protocols.


Enabling Blockchain Networks to communicate with each other in a trust-free manner.

Fault Tolerant

Robust system with fail safe derivatives in place; ensuring your system to work around the clock.