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Interoperable Blockchain Infrastructure
for Layer-2 Networks

Draco Client v0.1

Auxledger is a multi-tiered Blockchain infrastructure to build fully customizable Layer-2 scaling networks as well as powerful DApps on the native Layer-1 network. All Networks & DApps build with Auxledger are fully interoperable with Ethereum, Neo & Ripple among others.

Working With

Create Stable Coins
Without Coding

The stable coins have established itself as the future of tokenization. Create your asset-backed or value backed stable coin easily with Auxledger Public Network. Auxledger algorithms auto-generate smart contracts linking with your data points to create your stable currency easier and faster.

Launch tailored
Consortium Network

Most successful use cases among Enterprises are seen as the industry consortium network. From the financial sector to food & pharma supply chain sector, Auxledger multi-tiering protocol makes it easy to launch tailored consortium network securely & efficiently.

Build Powerful
& Secure DApps

The Auxledger public network is built with a powerful virtual machine proved to handle a user base of over 100's of million. The machine designed at highest Enterprise certified standards are capable of larger fault tolerance and offer over 1M TPS consensus engine to suit your requirements.


Fault Tolerant Virtual Machine

Network synchronization and data portability

Plug-in based architecture module

Ethereum Virtual Machine compatibility

Integrated asset management system

Easy private Blockchain network deployment


53 Million+ Population

South Asian Enterprises

Indian Goverment Bodies

Fortune 500 Partners

20+ deployments completed & reviewed

Identifying enterprise adoption gap

Built Enterprise Infrastructure Proposal

Reviewal with leader enterprises

Technical Introduction Paper Release

Strategising development goals

Enterprise public network launch

Hybrid Tendermint DPOS Consensus

Multi token economy governance

Interoperability with Binance Chain

Privacy Preserving Smart Contracts

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